Friday, April 16, 2021

I had a random idea hit me this morning. I was watching a shaping video from Tanner Bedheim and thought of some new art I might want to make for my surfboards. I keep having these ideas and needed to note it down. Naturally it went into the projects directory. But seeing that file made me see my inspirations again. This is something I've been on about for the past couple of days. I saw at the end of Tanner's video his instagram, which is probably also awesome just like Matt Kinoshita's. However I don't use Instagram a lot because it doesn't really work for me. With this said I realized I wanted to have a feed collection. I want to organize my feed collections however I want. If that be by domain, great. If that be by something else, great. I just want a way to start categorizing feeds so I can see them in one place so I can stop going fucking crazy everytime I pick up a computer. So I can use these different platforms to capture my interests not in one jumbled feed, but something more tailored to really what I want to see.

Sorry this is not very cohesive, my mind is all over the place right now and just trying to get some things down before I start to go off.

At the end of the day I am thinking about writing a feed aggregator. It should handle

So let's get going.

Okay thinking so far a simple DB structure in SQLite.

The main queries I care about right now:

I think this should be relatively simple. One thing that I hate about DB's in general is I want to be able to have cascading data more easily. That is a feed really implies a feed post has the same type. Or initially that is the case, but may not be the same always. But here and now it would be convenient to cascade that data downwards on any query.

Structure as follows: