Monday, April 19, 2021

Okay okay okay OKAY. Good morning so far ;)

Some good work done immediately as well which is sweet. Completely accurately predicted the time to complete some work (2 hours on the dot!)

This was working to get the backend of the feed aggregator (wavy-waveface) to handle creating personal feeds from a collection of other feeds. It also needs to handle serving these feeds back to the front end after they are created. It also needs to list all of the personal feeds you have.

So I did exactly this. The second one was already completed yesterday but the rest were this morning.

The next piece of work was to send the request from the frontend to actually create the feed. This also went smoothly. Since I had a bit of additional time and already had the list of personal feeds, I added that into the sidebar. Sweet!

So now before we take a break I want to fix the problems with YouTube feeds that I am having.

Nice the YouTube problems were super easy to fix. Just needed a slightly better print statement. Looks like I was returning an empty object in certain scenarios. An obvious oversight from me. However once identified everything worked beautifully. So that finishes up all the morning things so time to clean up a bit and have some lunch, woohoo!