Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Beginning Climbing Recommendations:

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I would definitely go for: https://www.rei.com/product/165183/la-sportiva-tarantulace-climbing-shoes

These are the shoes I started on and never felt they limited my climbing as a beginner, they also lasted a surprisingly long time. Definitely try to buy in person at REI, shoe fit is important, they should be comfortably uncomfortable, and will stretch a bit over time. They should be in stock since they are the most popular beginner shoe.


I think https://www.rei.com/product/162868/black-diamond-momentum-harness-mens would be perfect. It’s the same harness I started on and it’s still kicking today and I use it in the gym

Belay Device

Check if the gym you’re going to requires an assisted braking belay device, they might be more expensive, but I have some recs on both unassisted and assisted.

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Unassisted: Black Diamond ATC Guide Assisted: Petzl Grigri


East Meets Tech (substack)

Notes on BUZZARD.life.

Software Infra 2.0

How do we most effectively use servers which are running? Something about architecture I believe in, and something that I'd be pretty curious to work on. I think AWS Lambda gets closer. But not quite. Well maybe I need to understand more. I actually would be curious how much of my API's could be run in lambda?

Can running on lambda and charging just above this get to some closer transparent API pricing scheme? Having users pay for the true price instead of what I want to charge? Could lead closer to fully sustainable tech. This could be something to experiment with in wavy.

What if AWS ran on lightning network? Or some other crypto L2?

Not just that, but multi-tenancy is actually truly a “free lunch” from a resource utilization point of view, so any opportunity to pool resources represents a true win-win bargain. At the scale data centers worldwide, it's big — it depends on who you are, but you could either get excited about the gigatons of CO2 saved, or the increased corporate net income margin (I guess I like both!)

A note about solid API's. Definitely something I care deeply about and will need to think more about the API organization going forward with wavy.



Wow I can't say how stoked I am. I definitely do NOT shred, but hey it was a ton of fun. It goes fast and feels like it can manuever which is dope. I think I will take it to tourmo tomorrow and see if I can get some smaller waves. I think I need more practice on the board to really get a better hang of it. But so far so good. Enjoyed it a lot and it goes FAST

BUZZARD Exp-02 Chat

Oh went so well. Super excited to continue these convos.