Wednesday December 16, 2020

Okay time to get started for the day.

Thinking about what we need to do it becomes a few things pretty quickly.

Need to do something to fix my goddamn shell. At what point do I just have a docker image which becomes my primary and forget about everything else. Seems like so much overhead but yeah. I don’t want to have a lot of dependencies when using a computer. It should just work and continue to work in any state.

Great. So nearly everything is done. I am able to send emails and have both tables functional. Ended up using react-table which is a great library, provided you don’t mind not programming in typescript for a bit. For the most part this is okay, but irked me a little initially. Best to just use .jsx in the future to avoid any hassle.

Since basically everything is done I went back to look at what still needed to be done. That is one thing in particular.

Delaying sending out emails until Meera has actually clicked the button to send it. This would also need some functionality to add people to the groups as well. This does not seem so easy, so will leave it off for now. The delaying part can easily be done, so that one I can add no worries. The next one I am not sure a sufficient interface off the top of my head which is making me think best not to for now.

Anyway, that will likely be a task for tomorrow, but may try to tackle tonight. Should just be creating a new endpoint to get the groups which don’t have emails sent for them. Then on top of that another endpoint which takes the group id and actually sends the email. This is something that can be added to the dashboard as well

So for tomorrow:


If we go fast can finish (by 12):

After that may want to think about:

3 month reflection, just the outline

from all of this what have i learned