Thursday December 17, 2020

Good climbing this morning.

Took me a while to get to my computer and get going, but it is what it is. Now it is time to do some thinking.

One thing coming out of the shower is a long term project. The long term project. The next internet. An incremental but important change. Addressing the concerns:

Anyway. These are some of the long term things to think about and work on. This will be a piece coming out. Perhaps in multiple parts, perhaps in one long.

Thinking about the possibilities of the future of computing in general too.

Anyway things for today include

welp. did everything for Meera. Then I got sidetracked. Was about 7 hours of work, slightly less.

Did not write the vscode plugin. Did not review Jon’s comments.

However I did start thinking about all the things that I can give. I think I need to make a list. Maybe this will be a more effective way to move forward. Think about all the things right now which I can give to someone else that can help them. And not do it in a half-ass way. But do something really that can help if explained right.

The most obvious one to me right now would be TypeScript + React. Plus an explanation of “the stack”. Perhaps even previous stacks. LAMP… All these things. At the level of someone who knows how to program, but maybe is unfamiliar with these particular environment and things you can do in them (namely functional programming constructs)

Tomorrow AM will be exploring this.