Tuesday December 2nd, 2020

Good day but there is never enough time for everything. Quickly capturing before sleeping.

Spent most of the morning trying to figure out how to get photogrammetry software to work. Lots of manually compiling code. Eventually said fuck it I need a CUDA GPU to run MeshRoom. Went to the Geeks Candy Shop and got a Tesla K20 for $40. Sweet. I needed something with CUDA capability >= 3.0. This was 3.5. I guess this is the same architecture as a GTX780? Long in the tooth, but fine to experiment with for now. Can return it if I find a better way to do this completely on mobile using point clouds generated from ARKit.

That took most of the morning until about 2. Including getting replacement sunglasses and going to the grocery store (I’m not allowed to eat out during the week anymore).

Just was playing with QR code designs after this. Lots of playing. Needs to be a certain size. Also trying to auto generate colors for it via chroma.js which took a lot of time. Not happy with the results. Might manually just pick colors and stick them in a constant because it’s easier.

Things to do:

Python 3.9 fucked up my life. Accidentally installed. Back to 3.8.5