Monday December 7th, 2020

Spent most of this morning looking for places to live. Just need something cheaper to live.

I am still tired from the weekend for sure. I need to reboot my brain into doing things I think. I certainly will need to leave better TODO’s for myself (specific and small things to accomplish on a Monday after adventure).

Incredible weekend as it were.

Met Dylan, Summer, Sydney, Eric.

Good climb the first day (onsight 10b!), but had to go set up camp quickly afterwards.

Sparing some detail, but second day went to do Cat in The Hat (5.6, 6 pitches, trad) with Rich and Summer. Got a little lost on the way to the start, had to wait a bit as we were following another party. Ended up starting around 12. Rich led the first two pitches, then me for the next four. Was great doing some trad, learning a lot. Lots of learn. The whole thing was an adventure. Ended up rappelling in the dark. It was also cold. Ended up back at the car around 9PM. Solid full day of climbing, and intense for me. I was broken, hungry, and thirsty afterwards. Definitely type 2 fun (sucks during, but looking back was pretty fucking sick). Amazing for my first multipitch experience. Definitely was not expecting to lead 2/3 of the climb especially given my level of trad experience! I was hesitant to lead a single pitch, but Rich really helped to encourage me. Really appreciate that. Learned a lot from him and still have more to learn I think

This Week

Thinking about the stuff that I would like to do this week, it looks like…