Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Good morning!

It's been nice so far, got through another 60 pages or so of A Promised Land. Cooked breakfast which was simple and good. Mushrooms, veggies and eggs. Great.

I wrote down some things yesterday which would be good to review. Some relating to the Schmachtenberger Portal Episode.

Looking back at Feb 5. Really would like to get some old school floral stuff. That is for sure a vibe and on the radar, but not important to do now.

Other is talking with Alex and investing. Really the thought is if people are actually willing to put money into me investing their money I might be willing to do that. I will need to come up with a better system to manage that money. Specifically one where they can view it digitally. With some of the same factors and abilities I am building into my own tool.

This also gets me thinking more on the existential risk. It seems at some point we will need a new system however while we are working with this one we should be directing investments into things that will be helpful regardless of the system. This should do well in the long run. I think crypto is a big asset in this domain as well.

Another thought would be really, how can you make music payment truly decentralized? Is this a task that I can legitimately take up? I think it very well could be, but will need to think of the specifics, but I bet I can write an ethereum contract that allows for this. The only problem is piracy I guess? And probably getting some authentication key that identifies you as streaming that piece of music. Possibly can even be done at the granular level? Seconds? As you recieve the stream you are essentially purchasing that stream. Does this also allow you to purchase the music outright if you don't want to pay the streaming fee? After a certain number of streams do you have some 'ownership' of that media? Or does it always remain in the hands of the artist? It should remain in the hands of the artist.

On Schmachtenberger: Look into Strategic Global Solutions, Foundation for Conscious Evolution, Civilization Emerging, Consilience Project.

I think mainly in terms of RethinkX one of the big things to focus on is the nature of distributed systems. Specifically how can we make solar more easily accessible to everyone and even build a grid between neighbors? That makes us more robust and potentially allows for exchange of resources simply. This would be a similar question for food production as well. Can it be done en mass at the local level like energy production can? Same with internet. All of these things seem quite important.

Who is Peter Thiel? Co-Founder of PayPal. Basically a VC guy now. Has the Founder's Fund. This seems like an interesting VC. Potentially ways to pitch the CBRS idea lol. Looks like he has done some sketchy stuff (aka not good for the greater humanity), and I don't like Palantir on the outside. However it would be good to listen to him on a podcast. Added him to my queue, on ep 1 of The Portal and on Tim Ferris.

Basically all the areas the Founder's Fund is interested in and similarly RethinkX are the primary areas to invest in.

After reading their 'manifesto' or whatever, makes it clear to me. If I wanted to build a distributed LTE/5G network it would be more than possible. We could build a properly distributed and mesh internet on a global scale.

I did also do some writing about what I want in the podcast app. To be more concrete.

Voice to Text is AWFUL ON MY IPHONE. I think it really would be useful to train a neural net specifically to recognize my voice. I think I can probably use Otter for some of it then correct it, and feed that into my own net.

So podcasts. Have direct note taking capability within app. Be able to dictate a note on the podcast. No typing initially. Also with bookmarks be able to set a start and stop clipping method.

Okay so a few big things are coming out of these interests.

I think these should be the focus for some time and start to knock them down. CBRS is the biggest one and probably need to think more deeply about what this looks like and actually set up a LTE base station with minimal equipment and see what is possible.

The financials thing is much more interesting that Austin brought up.

Before this lets set some buys for crypto and then go from there. Okay I set buys. ~$3000 worth. ETH and BTC, about 50/50 split between the two. Let's see. Pretty low buys :)

Okay interesting afternoon. Sold the MBP to investment bankers GF. But got to meet the investment banker Omar Gomez. Was interesting to talk to him. Mentioned the dollar is more the petro-dollar than anything else. Very interesting to know. I think understanding the implications of the petro dollar will be important to understand, however I don't think I have a good grasp on it currently.

This is also not to mention, I will need to understand what the US being in debt really means. Also what are the implications of renewables taking on the current oil driven economy? What happens with China? These are questions that deserve more of my mental attention I think.

Beyond this also want to diversify my portfolio to incorporate more asset classes. Gold. Crypto. Tech. Bio. Materials. Energy. Etc. Etc.

The main question however still remains unanswered. Why do I care about this $ value attached to my name? Do I value this at all? Does it mean anything or is it purely a means for me to get around in the world? I mean it doesn't inherently add any value to me.

Does it even matter to publish the graphs that I am working on? I mean yeah sure, but at the same time I don't want to make a big deal out of it, it's more an interesting thing to put out there to see performance. I think it is interesting to show, but there's not a lot of value. Am I just trying to show, wow, look at this big guy here, he can invest money. But that is not something I really care about. I mean yes, but I really care more about investing money into something positive that will make the world better. Is that what I am doing here? Hard for me to say. Yes my decisions are being driven by that motivation, but ultimately having the $ is nice. I do want a house and I can't ignore that either. But how much of my time is it really worth to put in?

I think more than anything I may need to dedicate more of my day to reading. I think maybe I need to be reading on the order of 2+ hours a day so I can really make progress through books or other interesting materials.

But with reading, we also need to be putting that into practice. In the case of some of the things I am talking about here, it should be directly reflected in my investments.

I am curious, if it makes more sense to sell Tesla, and put that into some new class.