Monday, February 15, 2021

Is the gig economy truly different and interesting? I think it has the possibility to be. When I think about having people run Base Stations, it seems too like this is the gig economy. Willing to run something for someone else, but also benefits them. This is a weird thing however, as it benefits only those who already have enough to be able to invest in something.

Can this be augmented by a rental market? In terms of Uber and Lyft is this already done? Do companies rent out cars only to Uber and Lyft drivers? I think so right? We talked to that one guy who maintains a fleet of cars and rents them to drivers. Is this not the same thing that can be done with base stations, you can rent this thing or buy it and can profit off of it.

Probably there is some level of software that is needed on top of it. In the sense you should have to maintain a certain level of internet speed. Then also creating more robust backhaul infrastructure over the air to eliminate the need of carriers altogether. Something you can plug in and make money from. I think this is a really simple idea that can be really powerful and something that maybe can be huge even in terms of compute and content delivery. Something that can be done exponentially cheaper than what is provided now and benefits people as a whole. Can also have it run totally on solar or something and then boom also have that as incentive. Maybe some level of battery backup in case things go out?

This is all fine and dandy but I think we need to get a base station off the ground pretty soon. I think building a simple basic ubuntu image will be the key here. Not sure if we will be needing a UI or not, however it might be good to have. Or at the very least a way to visualize the traffic going through the base station. Some API's on top of the software.