Sunday, February 21, 2021

Reviewing some notes from the stream.

I think one interesting one to write about is from the Jason Calacanis. He mentioned that to change the world you cannot have a work life balance. I want to say I do not think this is a healthy or sustainable attitude for operating in the world. I also think the basis of what he is saying is flat out wrong. Perhaps this is true in the tech world, but what are we optimizing for? I think Patagonia is a fantastic example of a company which is changing the world, slowly, but surely. I think this is more the world I want to live in at the very least. Not a company on the wire, trying to follow trends, but one who is trendsetting. Trendsetting without trying because it is the motivated by the right things. Not to inherently make money, but do good in the world in a way that is lasting.

One curious notion I wrote quickly, was using Rust for a 5G software stack after listening to Lex and Brandon Eich (created js). I think there was some interesting mention of Rust safety and race conditions which is instrumental in engineering a good 5G SW stack as far as I have seen. Two fundamental concerns that waste a lot of time. I wonder if something like OpenAirInterface can be refactored into Rust.

There are a lot more ideas there, but they mostly got organized in this directory structure somewhere. Again this would be another reason we want the daily file to be generated a bit more intelligently. So we can at least gather everything that is happening on this day.

I think one thing we want too is photo backup.

Another thing would be from Tim Ferris with a bunch of investors. One of them, I believe Chris Sacca (i remember liking him the most, but could have also been reid hoffman), mentioned the olden days. The people who founded all of the big tech companies today, or the older people in the tech companies today all had well rounded lives. This was something that happened before the craziness of silicon valley, and how much a degree in computer science all the sudden was worth. This degree in CS has tons of people going into it just for the money, and not to actually do something interesting or good in the space. Also there is less work life balance as this has been the only goal without anything else on the side. I think I am one of the few people in tech who actually has a life outside of my computer. Or it feels that way sometimes. Pretty isolating. However finding the climbing community has been really interesting because I've found a lot of other people in tech, however not to the same level of depth unfortunately. Also mentioned about how these skills and experiences outside of the computer help to build a better and more well rounded view of the world. This is also something I jive with immensely. I feel sometimes people seem very one dimensional. I guess to some extent I am, but it doesn't really feel that way to me. Or rather I don't believe that. I do a lot of random things that make me, me. I've built bikes. I've built a backpack. These are weird things i guess. More about how they made money too easily, blah, blah, blah

Another big question, which I am going to drop back in for tomorrow for the analysis piece is: "How can we as individuals come together to take down big firms" Again the question is why? Is this even important? Another interesting thing was mentioned with Thiel and Weinstien. The left is often trying to tag the wealthy without actually thinking about those with left. Just someone to blame, and possibly out of envy. Or that is my guess (because I feel that a little myself). So yeah when doing the analysis should think about this one.

One thing that came up today is with Meera. She is thinking about paying me some monthly fee or something for running the service. I mean fucking wow. This would actually be huge. Makes me wonder if I can pick up odd jobs and end up making some decent money from them.

When ideas/services are economically unsustainable (or out of reach to large swaths of people), but good for society is it the governments job to bring that idea/service to life since we pay taxes?

Anyway I am fucking tired as fuck and want to sleep.