Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Found out just now that the buffer adding didn't work :(

Will have to fix this at some point, maybe not today. Maybe tomorrow.

Got some decent work in this morning already. Got the stream authentication in. Using basic auth even if not secure. At least will block most requests coming in. This includes updating the iOS libraries to support this better. I think shortly we will have to rename the server and refactor it to have some more level of sanity, however for now it looks to be okay.

I think we need to understand what streamable means and also create better abstractions within the code itself to clean up the implementaion. I think we need to remove the config files as well and finally use something proper.

Then after that we can start to build and reflect on the architecture of the system. Hopefully it will be simple enough to be something relatively interesting.

I think we can also have this kind of shortcut page like linus has, but we need to think of a way to do this effectively. I think we also will probably turn the main website into some kind of webapp, and this should combine some of the subdomains hopefully.

This might be able to become something like a dashboard or a giant filter on what I am doing. Initially it will start out as an entirely private web app, also basic auth. Then moving onto something more complex from there as necessary. Being able to add people into the namespace in a meaningful and secure way.

For now we will move to working more on Meera's app Griefpal. I think even if the features don't get done today, if we can get the backend ready for them that will speed things up significantly.

I think we also need to start documenting all these projects and their current state and put them up on the website in some form. Basically a log of what is going on and the current state with the intention behind it.

Okay that was quick. Able to add both endpoints in a matter of minutes. I think we can work on the UI this afternoon as long as things go well.

Oh we also fixed the UI in the iOS notes app which is just wonderful. I feel so much better about that now. It is a little jank but not too bad, I think we can figure out the render order.