Monday, May 17, 2021

Thinking about decentralizing my own compute infrastructure using existing technologies today.

Some of this may go into some more mainstream things (that I've not used before), something like AWS Lambda or Cloudflare Workers.

Ideally mostly things backed by IPFS.


This was a relatively simple deploy. However I moved all of my

This one requires more thought. Right now it is served from a Go webserver and updated periodically on commit. Fortunately all of this could be migrated to IPFS relatively easily since it is all static content.

I decided to use Fleek for this and it seems to work? One problem for me is the amount of build minutes is quite high.. Especially since this is just a static website. I'm not actually building anything so it should just be serving static files. It is also worth noting that their CDN seems quite slow. Or at the very least a lot slower than Pinata and Cloudflare.

I think I still might write a GitHub Action for this but for the time being this will work I guess. Something to think about tho for sure.

Now this is an interesting one. The stream is more complicated than these static sites I am serving. It has an API on the backend which I do want to deploy to something like AWS. However, it's also worth noting that ultimately here I am still just serving a file.

I am not sure what I want to do with this. Do I want to strip the Go service down? How easy would it be to translate to AWS Lambda? How can I modify a file on IPFS using it?

The problem with using something like a serverless technique is I've been building on very simple OS concepts which seem to not exist anymore, or not quite the same.