Thursday November 19th, 2020

Writing again after Jon mentioned it would be nice to get updates. Will definitely write then.

Perhaps it will become weekly as suggested but probably daily for now is fine unless I’m going on trips and stuff.

There’s been a lot going on, basically all thinking about van and climbing right now.


Climbed a bunch. Harder stuff than normal, you can track my climbs outside (most of them) on Mountain Project

Got lunch with Morgan

Got a bunch of gear from Backcountry

Working with React and Apollo

Want to make sure things are loading from GraphQL when the Component is mounted/rendered.


Working with Apollo is pretty great so far (am i getting ahead of myself?)

Climbing Gym Web App

Basically thinking about the structure. Don’t think the user should be able to edit routes unless they are logged into a gym. Most of the time you will only be logged into one gym at a time. You could be a setter who is setting at multiple gyms however. Being a setter should give you ‘permissions’ to edit this kind of information. This can also be done by desk staff or really anyone really. However they might not be able to add ‘walls’.

Thinking quickly of permissions:

Want to think about how this DB can be explored from the non-gym side and how that will impact the gym experience. For example want to provide this service to every gym for free, but this implies a listing that will go into the climber app too. Because of this we definitely want to verify physical locations, but not sure how that can be done yet. This is something to think more about in the future. For now we want to get more UI working…


I got more gear. Harness I got doesn’t have gear loops I like. Not sure that it will really be enough for trad.. Or maybe I just don’t know how I want to effectively rack it. Doesn’t seem like I can get enough gear on it. I mean for a full set of cams maybe, but my existing harness would do better. I don’t want to downgrade really. The loop in the back is not good for me to actually access so I am not sure about that. Was expecting much bigger gear loops (and more depth from them as well). The fit however seemed quite nice once standing in it, but I can’t complain about my cheap ass harness now either…


Time to eat dinner, watch climbing videos and go to bed lol