Tuesday October 13th, 2020

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10 minutes of RBG (Burwell v Hobby Lobby)

Apple Event

Yeah so I definitely wanted to watch this. Was looking for a few things.

Welp was really hoping for that 120Hz display, but whatever.


Debating on buying the 12 Pro or the Mini. The only reason to consider the 12 Pro is for the LiDAR sensor. Maybe for better battery life too. I think there could be real and interesting applications for the sensor. However how I am imagining AR it probably doesn’t require LiDAR.

For this I started to do some research if infact LiDAR was actually necessary. What I am thinking (very inspired by Jon and some Blog Club discussions). Say I’m at a coffee shop and I’m working on some things. Maybe in the physical world I look really busy and not to be disturbed, but in reality (as projected in AR) I could say ‘hey! I’m open to conversation’ or whatever really. It could be my Spotify, etc. I think something like this would be super cool and super helpful. Even if there were groups that were meeting in a place I could imagine knowing about the group as well. Yeah I think AR has lots of potential, but LiDAR maybe is not so necessary. Bluetooth/WiFi Mesh? Maybe more useful

Probably will discuss with Austin tomorrow what he is thinking.

Planning on selling some QCOM stock. I set up to sell 17 shares at $135


If you didn’t know I worked directly with the Apple hardware last year. I was in the lab helping to bring up the first mmW (ultra wide band) calls up on their hardware. We may or may not have fried a board. Of course I was a tiny piece of it all, but is still reallllllly cool. I know what code went into the Apple line which is also cool. It is some code that I am proud of and is amazing to have in. So anytime I see the 5G icon I know I helped get that icon on the screen. I actually exposed some API’s to higher layers to even enable that itself.

I worked on the connected side of 5G and helped to make sure the 5G call remains stable. Also on the handover module, so you can change cell towers seamlessly. So anyway I’m stoked and want a phone in my pocket that has this code. Probably a phone I will keep for a lonnnnng time.

iPhone 12 mini

This is the phone to buy if you don’t want LiDAR if you ask me. I would want the pro in this form factor. Everything else I don’t really care about.

Quantum Country

After yesterday I want to start learning more about Quantum Physics/Computers in general. I think that taking the time to do this will be very valuable, and beyond that it’s just plain fascinating. I was exposed to some concepts while working at Qualcomm as well as through more traditional media, but I don’t actually understand.

I would like to try to summarize Quantum country to some degree, but you should check it out for yourself.

Reviewed Matrix Multiplication

Can’t believe this isn’t burned into my brain after the 20 series in college. But also those were bullshit courses. What I mean is they didn’t build any intuition of things. It was all about regurgitating information without actually thinking about it. Welcome to our broken education system.

I still have no intuition of matrix multiplication. Probably need to watch 3blue1brown or something, or actually just play with the math to understand.


Basically had lunch and also climbed. Ended up spending a lot of time in the car driving today. Oh well.

I talked at my phone while driving

Did end up reading more Tribes as well. Might end up writing a little bit about it. I think I should so I probably will. At the very least take some quotes and interesting things. Maybe I can form some real opinion or synopsis. IDK


Meta: It is always hard to know what can and cannot be said in public after a conversation. Or I find it so. Never know what the other person is okay with disclosing as well. I mean mainly this is an issue because I am writing every day. There is no affordance for me to make some private, some public, some just to certain people. These are things that I find I really need and why I love upspin. I guess I would just want a notification for a mention in a longer formish kind of thing if that person is willing to share. Not exactly sure what I am thinking here. To some degree just better ways of controlling data sharing which fits into the overall theme.

I left my pen on the other side of the room so failed to capture a lot unfortunately. However can use my brain to recollect some. However probably will need some time to properly digest.

Running through my brain real fast. It is getting more fried as I am writing

Side note: Weiwei is excellent at listening and asking deep questions. Really appreciate this.


I’m getting really tired at this point and don’t really want to continue to think about anything. Going to read Slaughterhouse 5 again and probably pass the fuck out almost immediately. Another ocean swim with Katie tomorrow and gonna check out the leopard sharks by the Marine Room. After that could do a whole bunch of things.

Maybe actually have the stream go directly to twitter? I am not really sure.


So I ran into a funny problem as I went to commit and push this. It’s that I also put a video inside my git repo. Um that video is huge. HAHAHAHAHA. Also this sucks because if you want to pull the repo you have to pull this video. THAT IS SO HILARIOUSLY UNNECESSARY.

Also the video is >100MB so github rejected it. Fuck. All in all it goes to show you don’t do what I do.

Will have to find a much better way (and im too lazy to upload to youtube, but maybe a script can do it for me)