Thursday October 15th, 2020

Go listen to Naval and Tim Ferriss

Apparently Naval is like a big thing or something, but I don’t know much about him at all. Whatever. Regardless had a lot of interesting things to say and appreciated this conversation between him and Tim.

I bookmarked 7 locations and ended up favoriting this podcast. I might take some more time later to dissect and reflect on it. For now let me just cover what I did bookmark.

1 HR Meditation

Basically this is really fucking hard. I couldn’t stop fidgeting after a while. It was that my brain was clear, but I wanted to start getting going on things. Not doing things was making me anxious to do. I think this is part of the reason I don’t like to get high any more is because I like to do things. When I am not doing things my brain starts to go insane. However this is something I want to tap into and explore more, try to find comfort in the uncomfortable.

Here’s what I wrote:

med 1 med 2

Morgan Lunch

We had lots to catch up on :) Been a crazy week. Also The Taco Stand was delicious as always. Al Pastor baby. Just get that.

Kristen and Dave Convo


I have a lot of notes, but it is quite difficult to capture some of the things, so I might summarize a lot. Fortunately this time I had a pen, however I did lose it.

Continuous publishing

Yeah I am too lazy to commit my work manually. So now on save:

This means as soon as I start writing in the morning updates will start to be published. Great. Now I don’t have to think at all.

Part of this is in response to Jon’s latest patch notes with a “tighter publishing feedback loop”. This system takes some effort out. While it’s not per character, I do get live previews since I edit in VSCode.

Podcast Controls

Going forward there MUST be controls to seek the podcast (or have clips of it) where I bookmarked. For now this is okay, but I am not happy, and the site is too static to handle this currently. This will be another reason to move to Reflect

If writing about this podcast to some level was not motivation to build Reflect I don’t know what is.

Automatic linking of headers

Yeah I need to make sure the markdown exporting actually exports headers and I have a clean way to ref them while I’m writing. If not I am going to go crazy.

The lolz


Who did this 😂😂#AppleEvent #5G#Apple #5Gsfor5G#Apple12 #iPhone #Memes#iOS14 #iPhone12Pro #iPhone12 #iPhone12ProMax

— OnlyTechAE (@OnlyTechAE) October 15, 2020

Ok I died watching this.

While I worked on 5G it is the technology that is most in favor of the existing tech corporations. I mean why would the companies push this hard. Did 5G need to be mentioned 40+ odd times? NO ONE WILL FUCKING NOTICE RIGHT NOW.

It’s a nice to have but not essential in the slightest.