Friday October 16th, 2020

A nice slow morning. Meditation and just cleaning the house.

Time to read for a little and get back to RBG.

Took about an hour to write on Burwell v. Hobby Lobby. Made some good progress, but realizing some things about writing

Whitney Cummings and Lex Fridman

Another great podcast. Really fun to listen to and some interesting insight. Would like to come back to this podcast

Thinking about Writing

I’m realizing a few things about writing. So right now I have two separate places that I write. I use them for different purposes. This is alright but not great.

One is Roam for longer form kind of things that take more time to write.

The other is VSCode for these daily files.

What I realize is that I really want a blend of these two. Roam is awesome right, it does have this ‘daily’ format. But my problem is there’s not a clean way to publish it. Beyond that there’s not an easy way for me to keep ownership of it either. Perhaps it would be worth exploring Athens Research (Open Source Roam Alternative) to extend it to have this capability. I think the main thing in any graph based writing tool is going to be extensibility. I really need to be able to easily dig into the graph as a third party and extend it. I think this is the killer feature. Everyone will want to do something different, but allow people to write software that allows them to extend in whatever direction they want. There is even potential for individual developers (or organizations) to charge for these ‘plugins’.

That was a bit of a tangent.

So yes. I want a ‘daily’ which get’s published. I also want to be able to start and come back to artifacts (as a whole). What I mean is say I have [[Tribes]]. This has two potential uses, one is to “import” the artifact into the workspace (today) that I am working in.

Perhaps for this longer form writing the “day” does not make sense. But there is something there that I want to capture. I do want to know the diff on that thing, where did I start the day and where did I end? Did I make progress?