Tuesday October 20th, 2020


A lot happened this weekend. Check out the adventure out to Red Rocks


Just catching up with life honestly. Did go climbing again today and took 3 whippers. Great practice for that. Felt good and comfortable. Was go time.


Had a conversation with Meera about how best to automate her work for GriefPal. Was a very nice conversation. Was able to explain some basics about computers and software to help come to a better way of thinking about the program. Specifically I spoke about conditional logic and logical operators. Once she understood these ideas we were able to get to a point where we can progress on an algorithm she is happy with. I’m pretty stoked on this. Mostly being able to casually explain these things to someone with no experience. It felt good

The 4-Hour Workweek

I am contemplating a lot of different living situations. I need to drop my rent dramatically. I am thinking about a van or a cheap room and a Prius. I am planning on doing a lot of personal writing as well as having some more conversations trying to figure this one out. Probably more YouTube videos as well listening to FAQ’s and stuff.