Tuesday October 6th 2020

Gonna be a busy day already.. Had to take care of a few things this morning related to insurance.

Discussing the Supreme Court with Bay after lunch, then climb at 2. Then lobster diving at 8:30

Was nice talking and catching up with Bay. Lot’s of things going on. Man she is writing on an extremely hard topic. I am very interested to see where it goes. Basically is about how do you restructure the Supreme Court to take the politics out of it!!! This is a huge topic and very interested to see how it progresses.

Climb was sick as always. I met Terry, who is also friends with Chris (an older trad climber who also shapes surfboards!?). Stoked on this. Hopefully go climbing outside soon.

Plugin Architecture

Trying to look into plugin architectures in general now. I think I was diving too far off the deep end trying to grasp what VSCode is doing.

So far:


Hashicorp Go Arch

I took notes on this youtube video. It so far provided a great description of plugin arch using Golang, but ideally can be used for a lot of different languages


Go Proverbs. some nice things about go


Other notes for moving forward

So far RPC seems like the best thing to me. I will need to go and review about RPC. Definitely have used it before when implementing a distributed system for school.

Might want to establish ‘channels’… maybe similar to 5G. This can also be thought of as messaging interface. Wonder how much this kind of arch can be used as well.


Also caught a lobster just under the size limit 😢