Friday October 9th, 2020


Nice, a great start to the morning! Woke up 5am to go climb at 5:30 with a bunch of new people! Went to Mission Gorge (MG from now on) and went to the Limbo Area. Met James, Sarah, Steven. Also Katie was there! So a good group and plenty of ropes :)

Led 2 routes (As the Crow Flies [5.7+] and The Tower [5.7]) and toproped Turkey Chute [5.7]. These were the first leads I’ve done outside. Felt SUPER comfortable. Was amazing.

Also got to learn how to clean an anchor. That was way easier than I thought. Also setting up an anchor seems easy enough. I understand how to build a quad without issue, and will be carrying one with me from now on so I can set anchors up. I think with this I will be much more comfortable leading outside after this experience. I was not even coming close to pushing my limit which was great. Looking forward to pushing that indoors then outdoors hopefully.

Have two more climbs over the weekend inside with Tatiana and Neha. Really looking forward to both of those and crushing some more climbs. Should be lit. Also going to be going for a ride with Cole. Will see what else is going on.

Really looking forward to climbing more outside ASAP. Looks like we are going to Red Rocks next weekend so that should be suuuuuuuuuuper fun. Should be carpooling with Katie and others. Also going to be going to Climb Smart with the Friends of Joshua Tree. I know James is going so that should be good.

Van Life? Other living options

I mean I am definitely thinking about different ways to live right now. I would love to have a mobile workstation basically. That’s mostly what I am interested in. Somewhere where I can post up and have at minimum a second monitor and be able to get ‘decent’ (4g) internet from anywhere. This could be a huge amount of fun and allow me to climb, bike, work, etc. in a super fun way.

The other options I am considering is to get a really cheap room in the middle of nowhere and turn my car into a mini homebase (without as many amenities, basically to go places)

(sidenote): This is is a stupid idea, but I wonder if I can multiplex 4G connections with my SDR. It should have a decent amount of bandwidth to do this but probably would be a PITA.

I still am not quite sure the lifestyle that I want to live. There are a lot of worries that I have that I am not sure are justified. I think the biggest thing is making a move and not having enough people to go do things with. I think that however is not justified because it just takes time to build up the connections. If you go and do what you really want you will find people.

I guess for now I am not too worried. I really have until the end of the year to decide the next steps I think.

Some places to think about:

I think right now my main concern is $$$. As in I want to stretch it out more. How much I am paying does not make sense for my living style. Would be good in 2bd or 3bd I think, 4+ depending on the people.

Anyway. Talked with Austin and I don’t think I am going to make any moves right now. I think after climbing this morning I was just totally ready to dirtbag it. I don’t think I am in a place where I can make that decision yet. I think there are a few things that would need to happen first. I think the first would be to find people who can mentor me in climbing (are way better and more experienced) than me.

For whatever reason climbing just hits me so hard. It’s just too fun. I could spend and entire day at the crag and be stoked out of my mind. I want to ride that high, but I also recognize the importance of playing with technology too. I think these are the biggest two things in my life and I don’t really want to compromise on either. I think right now I don’t have to and that is great. I really just want somewhere a little cheaper to live. As long as I have good climbers around that is good too. I would like to move up in what I can climb, but I am also not ready yet. I love learning all these new skills and everything. All of it is just really exciting.


Yeah I didn’t ‘do’ anything today. Just contemplated the whole future of my life and ended up where I am now. That’s okay though, the decisions will eventually come and fall where they may. I am just excited to be on this path with all the opportunities in front of me. Also excited to continue to build and research. Freaking stoked on this. I think next week will likely be a lot more research too. Again more ProseMirror (trying to get basic Vim mode) as well as learning more about rpc/grpc in the context of Hashicorp’s implementation. I also wonder if something similar is possible using regular HTTP requests. This will take a massive definition of interface. I think I will need to work more on what this exact interface actually looks like. I think there is a long way to go on this, and probably a lot of the interface I won’t quite know. But these examples will be a good guide. Hopefully I can have some kind of design by the end of the week or something. Not implemented, but the basic idea as well as some of the things to be implemented.

Definitely notes and podcasts. Then automatic publishing too ideally. With notes and podcasts being published too. One major thing will be Jupyter like notebooks too (I know MS is doing this in VSCode). I really want to be able to connect data between modules directly (does HTML get rendered directly? does the data get passed through a function that renders the HTML? what about CSS? CodeMirror?). That is I really want some static code in a ProseMirror terminal (python, c, etc) and be able to interact directly with other things on the page. There should be a common interface to be able to do this irrespective of the language. How? Not sure.

Also multiple ways to publish (via server, github, etc, etc)

Some of the question is how do you make a generic feed for all kinds of data and make it meaningful across time and space (domains). I don’t quite know what I am saying here, so probably needs a little more thought.

There is also the question of how does text look? How can a page be reduced? If I have this workspace how is a function applied to it to actually output HTML or something that someone else can see? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Also how does this relate to the discussion with Jon and the weblink circle thing?


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